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Give Totems
Celebrate your team achievements with Totems!
Totems are personalized trophys to celebrate team achievements.
Personalize the Totem display.
Launched a new product?
Exceeded sales targets?
Went the extra mile for the team?
Create a Totem for it!
Customize your Totems!
The Foundation
Put your teammates front and center as the foundation of their Totem. Login with Slack or Google to quickly pull in their personalized info.
The Platform
Let an achievement speak for itself as the largest part of the Totem. Show a screenshot of the recently shipped feature or product or maybe display something about what makes the achievement great, its up to you.
The Support
Add a personalized message to the back of any Totem to let your teammate know why you think they're so great.
Team Branding
Each Totem can come specially prepared with your team colors. Give Totems which are an extension of your brand by uploading your custom box artwork to us. We will take care of the rest.
Use your own designs and team branding.
Let your team colors shine!
Customize with your team's designs and branding!
Extra Gifts
Give your teammates that little bit extra with our gift service. Choose from many top retailer gift cards to include in your teammates Totem. Just your little way of saying you care.
Give Back
Celebrate an achievement by giving back with Totems. Make a donation on your teammates behalf to a worthy cause.
Give Thanks
Give Back
Give Totems